Volume based outreach is tough at best and it's important to stand out by making sure you understand the prospective customer... and decision maker.

Our detailed Snapshot reports enable SDRs to have customized messaging when they do their outreach, whether that's by understanding the business model, products, or even being able to see all the talks and presentations that the specific Cyber Leader has done. It's in our reports. Insight into their hobbies, background, budget and more is available for our customers. We go deep on understanding the large enterprises and their cyber leaders; so you can read the updates each month and focus on crafting the right message.


SDRs with a large enterprise account focus


Here are our main features that will be useful for an accomplished sales team.

Detailed reports covering: A Company, Key Executives, Cyber Program, and Preferences. Essentially, a cheat sheet that gives you what you need to know about the account in an easy-to-access report; that’s updated each month.

A monthly report where we track the moves of select cybersecurity economic buyers and decision-makers. See where they are going, where they left, who took over the role, etc. Get ahead of the competition. Engage when an Executive starts building their new 90-day plan. Or protect your existing relationship when you see that one of your key champions has left…or joined a new company!

No need to work in a customized database or strange search language. We’ve designed the platform to ensure it’s REALLY easy to use…like searching for a restaurant on your favorite maps application…but instead of restaurant traits, you can filter cyber executives and companies by 15+ criteria. Things like military background, hometown, company size, cyber budget, and even preferences for innovative technologies!


The best tool for your sales and marketing team's arsenal for making sales and conversions based on cultivated data on the world’s top cyber security executives.

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