About Us

Delve Risk is a market research firm that utilizes Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) to streamline and reduce the amount of time that sales, marketing, and SDR folk spend as they work to bring their product/solution to market.

We focus on data quality, consistency, and accuracy, ensuring our customers can move quickly and make decisions from unique vantage points. And ultimately….save themselves a lot of time and headaches by having us research for them.


A former Fortune 100 CISO and tech executive on a mission to improve the relationship between buyers and sellers. It all starts with understanding who you’re talking to; Delve Risk is built on this premise.

At the end of the day, we sell to people. And having insights about their companies and background are key.

A picture of our Co-Founder Anthony Johnson.


The best tool for your sales and marketing team's arsenal for making sales and conversions based on cultivated data on the world’s top cyber security executives.

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