As a part of our research portal, you'll gain access to the main Delve Risk portal and all of it's capabilities. With our portal you will be able to peruse the entire database of Executive Snapshots.

CISOs and cyber buyers move companies...a lot. We track that so you don't have to. Our customers get access to a monthly report highlighting all of the moves at the largest enterprises so they can maximize the first 90 days of a new leader...or defend their existing accounts when a champion buyer leaves for a new bigger role

Wouldn't it be great to just click and see every company that has a techie security leader? Or one with a deep governance/risk background? Or maybe your marketing team wants to host an event in a city, if only they could just click a button and see every CISO that lives in that city. Our customers can do this and more. From technical background, conference preferences, and even hobbies. Why spend time building spreadsheets and manually collecting data when it's already available to download...and updated each month.

Being able to customize your SDR, Account Exec or event marketing messages to the specific person your reaching out to is a key way to instantly grab attention and stand out. Leveraging the Delve Risk platform enables you to quickly understand your buyer by segmenting your ICP seven ways to Sunday.

Our extensive list of every cyber conference and event puts your sales and marketing teams in the driver seat to identify which events your company should sponsor, avoid....or even which events your competitors (or partners) are sponsoring. Segment events based on region, city, sponsor, speaker and more.

We leverage data to create custom, private and boutique events pairing customers with their prospective buyers. We don't do dinner clubs...we focus on making sure that the attendees have both budget and prioritization that match to our customer's solution. Isn't it time to stop pitching to the same CISOs who go to the same dinners each month...without any intent to buy? We think so.


The best tool for your sales and marketing team's arsenal for making sales and conversions based on cultivated data on the world’s top cyber security executives.

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